Framlingham Sausage Festival Mascot
Meet Teddie, our mascot...
Teddie the adorable Dachshund has been the official Great Framlingham Sausage Festival mascot since 2014. Teddie's Kennel Club name is Midnight Sweet Dreamer.
Teddie's Sponsor...
Teddie is sponsored by Scarlett & Mustard. Website:

Teddie (Theodora) is a Suffolk girl - she was born on 14 September 2013 in Eye, so she is now three and a half. Her mother, Melanie’s Melody, had four puppies, Teddie had one brother and two sisters (her owner Anne would have loved one of the sisters as well but they were SO expensive and of course cost a lot of money if you look after them properly), and she is officially black and tan.

Anne was searching the internet for a small dog and a picture of Teddie and her three siblings snuggled in a basket was too cute to resist. 

It was love a first sight.

 She is a placid little dog, very loving, but with a will of steel, and she can be a diva in order to get exactly what she wants - which is normally to be cuddled ALL the time. She is also very self-opinionated and expects to be part of everything that is happening, making her presence known if she is ignored!

 Her favourite food which is served on top of her biscuits is chicken breast and boiled ham. She is also rather partial to cheese and milk. 

Her favourite toy is her ring which she flops on Anne’s foot to indicate that it's time to play. However she does not bring it back - the rule is that Anne then goes to her and throw it the other way, but not without a tussle! Anne does as much running as she does!!

 She hates the postman (why do dogs hate postmen) - she would nip his ankle if she could. However she insists on having a piece of the post which is then ripped to shreds. (Usually it is some unwanted advertising but Anne still sometimes has to try and piece together some WI raffle tickets before they can be sold.)


She loves Jack the Cockapoo who lives next door and pops into his house whenever she can. She usually steals his favourite mouse, but can help herself to any of his toys given the chance - he is such a gentleman he lets her play with them except for edible bones - the bones trade sides many times before they are eventually eaten.

 Her vet is Castle Vets and she has her nails clipped by Bryony. 

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