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These were the Producers for 2017. Who will be joining them in 2018...?


We are a Suffolk run family business, with pride in what we deliver to our customers, a passion for seeing people enjoy what we have to offer and love for doing what we do. We believe these principles are evident in our food and the service you receive when you place an order.


Hall Farm Butchers

At Hall Farm Butchers, we stock and sell traditionally reared and locally sourced beef, chicken, lamb and pork, as well as seasonal game and Christmas turkeys and geese. Behind the counter you will always find a selection of the finest cuts, homemade pies, sausage rolls and prepared specialities such as BBQ kebabs, stuffed chicken breasts or minty lamb pastry wheels.


Lane Farm

Lane Farm is a family run farm in its third decade of business. We produce a range of pork products from succulent ham, sausages to salami and bacon to burgers using only the finest and freshest meat reared on the farm itself. Our bacon is dry-cured by hand and is a genuine labour of love.
The welfare of our pigs is always at the forefront of our minds and we’re proud to be members of the RSPCA Freedom Food Scheme.
We are proud to have won numerous Great Taste Awards and more recently the East Anglian Daily Times 2016 Best Family Business.


Friday Street Farm Shop 

About Friday street Butchery and the team representing them at the Framlingham sausage festivals 
Friday street butchery opened in early 2014 by Ian Manthorpe. He started with one very small counter and only himself to run it. Year on year Ian and his butchery has been growing. Now three years Ian has 3 extra hands who are Toby Edwards.Peter Stickland and Darren Knights and two large counter. With the butchery growing and growing so is Ian's name to supplier high quality local meat to the Friday street customers.

The Team you'll see at the festival this year, Toby and Ian Manthorpe, will representing Friday street butchery at the festival. 
Ian Manthorpe has been in the butchery world for 23 years, some would call him the master butcher at Friday street. Also prides himself on local grown produce. 
Toby Edwards has been in the butchery world for 2 1/2 years. Passed his level 2 butchery skills and now doing his level 3 which focuses on breeds and the more managerial side of the business. Some would call him the young lad at Friday street. This year he will be entering very own homemade flavoured pork sausage recipe.



At  Musk's  we  pride  ourselves  on  using  only  Red Tractor Assured British Pork Shoulder  in  our  sausage recipe.  We have been manufacturing the famous Newmarket Sausage now for over 130 years and are one of the only suppliers in the UK to hold a Royal Warrant for our sausage products, held since 1907.  All of our varieties have at some point won a Great Taste Award Gold.



Powters is one of Newmarket's oldest established family businesses, dating back to 1880 and now in its fifth generation.
We are famous for The Newmarket Sausage which has been made continuously in Newmarket by the our family since 1881. Originally the essential breakfast or convenient hot snack enjoyed by racegoers, it soon found fame outside the town and is now a firm favourite throughout east Anglia. We think of it as the Champagne of sausages!


Emmerdale Farm Shop

We have a traditional butchery in-house, specialising in our own home produced beef which has been slowly reared, grazing on our fields and marshes. We also stock locally reared pork, lamb, poultry and game. Speak to our friendly team in the butchery. Jeremy has over 40 years experience in the butchery profession and is passionate about teaching our customers about the different cuts and joints we sell, especially the under-rated, economical cuts. We have daily sausage tastings and also stock a wide range of delicious homemade pies, quiches, scotch eggs and sausage rolls.


Pepperell's Meats

Pepperell's Meats are exceptionally fine Butchers with the added advantage of being a well-established family run business since 1965. The business was established by John and Lorna Pepperell as a Wholesale Butchers serving local businesses with various cuts of meat. In 1985 Chris Pepperell joined his Mother and Father in the running of the business and soon the business started to develop. In 1989 the first phase of the Pepperell's Meats factory was built. In 1993 Rebecca joined the business and in 1994 the second phase of the factory was built now housing new offices, a larger shop and a kitchen, this later became the cooked meats department.

In 2004 the high risk cooked meats department was built, along with a new pack room, despatch area and large freezer which runs at -18oC. After developing a cooked meats department within the Redenhall factory it was decided to take this one step further and in 2010 the Gammon factory was added to the Redenhall base housing a Smokehouse. Not only is the gammon and bacon cured in-house but the gammons are then trimmed, tied and cooked to make Pepperell’s own-cure Redenhall Ham. The facilities also enable the staff to Smoke all the products traditionally in a woodchip smoker located on site.


Dunnett's Butchers

We are a friendly local butcher established in 1980. We supply local produce including  Dingly Dell Free range pork, Norfolk/suffolk Beef, Lamb and chickens. We make our own sausages and burgers in many different flavours. We make a good range of kebabs and grillsticks for the BBQ or grill. We also marinade any cut of meat you choose in one of our many flavours.
We stock local free range black Pudding, Honey and free range eggs. 


Jimmy's Farm

At Jimmy’s Farm, we produce traditionally reared, expertly matured meat for sale online or directly from our Farm Shop. All of our animals are rare breed, free range and raised to the strictest quality standards, ensuring a delicious final product. Our herds graze in the beautiful suffolk countryside and are matured slowly using sustainable methods. We’re so happy to realise our original vision and that through the Farm Shop, we can share a taste of the good life.


Serendipity Sausages

Our unique, gourmet sausages are all made with more than a mere sprinkling of Lacons ale


Meat Masons

Welcome to Meat Masons and our Secret Sausage Shop. We are passionate about only using the best possible ingredients – you are what you eat so for that reason we make sausages with a difference! Using only pork shoulder (which is the sweetest part of the pig) + artisan (Meat Mason know how) skills + herbs and spices we make top quality traditional sausages. Our Secret Sausage Shop has 10 different varieties of sausages (including German sausages) available daily so people can pop in, try and buy some for themselves - Everyone is welcome! 


Suffolk Black Pig Company

All our pigs are raised traditionally in a natural stress free environment and handled with care and consideration. We are a family run business and are committed to bringing back this rare breed. We hope you can support us by choosing to buy rare breed pork as "we eat them to keep them"

• Ethically produced pork for the conscious consumer.
• Full traceability, our pigs are pure Large Blacks from pedigree Large Black registered parents.
• All our stock can be traced back to its point of birth and every stage in between.
• Reducing food miles
• Helping to sustain the rare breed and population of Large Black pigs.
• Our Large Black pigs live outdoors and free range all year round from the day they are born.
• Our breeding stock are registered with the BPA

Large black pork has great qualities, Compared with ultra lean pork. Rare breed pork offers a much meatier and fuller taste. This is due to the extra fat of the breed. The fat is necessary to baste the meat while it cooks to give flavour and succulence, with crackling to die for. Naturally produced pork far has also been shown to carry health-benefiting Omega-3 Garry acids.

JR Creaseys

JR Creaseys, butchers of Peasenhall. Est 1967. Providing the best local beef,pork,lamb and poultry cut to your requirements. Homemade sausages & burgers plus our innovative meal ideas

Procter's Sausages

Everyone loves sausages - you can buy them from just about anywhere that has a chill cabinet. The problem is the quality varies from inspirational, artisan-made products using the finest slow-grown pork, to the deviously bad, electric pink specimens using the worst and most watery, factory-farmed pork. Sausages range from the seriously sublime to the frankly disgraceful.

Truly great sausages are made from slow grown pigs, reared outdoors with space and freedom to display their natural behaviours. Fed a natural cereal based diet, there is time to develop a flavour and succulence that intensive indoor-farmed pork just cannot match.

Just sourcing correctly grown pigs, from right here on our doorstep in Suffolk, is only the beginning though. We use fatty cuts such as the shoulder and neck and mince the meat coarsely, ensuring a banger with fantastic texture and succulence. Add to this the right amount of rusk (bread with no yeast) to absorb the delicious cooking juices, encase the whole in a natural hog runner for a tender bite and you're getting close to the perfect sausage - a Procter's sausage.


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